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Want to learn 3 steps that you can use today to increase your email marketing results? Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Test Your Subject Line

The most important part of any email is the subject line. If your subject line stinks, your readers won’t even open your email. If you send enough subject lines that stink, your readers will either unsubscribe or direct your precious emails to their favorite folder – the trash folder.

So how can you create subject lines that people can’t wait to open? Here’s how I do it.

I write 20 subject lines and use them in my email marketing campaign. Then I track the open rates through my autoresponder. After all 20 emails are sent, I throw out the bottom 10 subject lines and write 10 new ones. After those 20 emails are sent, I thrown out the bottom 10 subject lines again and write 10 new ones. I continue this process until I quit seeing improvements in my open rates no matter what I write.

Step 2: Show The Email Read Time On Top

At the top of my emails, the very first thing I do is tell the reader how long it will take to read the email. For example, ‘Read time – 43 seconds’ or ‘Read time – 57 seconds’. I want my readers to understand that I am asking for less than 1 minute of their time. Naturally, I keep my emails very short. Most people don’t read all of a long email anyway, so why should I waste my time writing it? I am usually direct and to the point.

Step 3: Give Free Information

Don’t send your readers repetitive sales pitches. I wait until the 5th email before I promote any of my products at all. I use the first 4 emails to build a relationship, ask questions, and give free information. Even after my 5th email, I will only send a sales email every 3-4 emails. I want people to open my emails – and they won’t open them if they know they are going to get bombarded with a sales pitch every time.

Christopher learned the hard way how to start a successful online business. Now he wants to teach you what he learned through experience so you don’t make the same mistakes. Let him show you what you must know to start your own online business.