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There are different methods for the messages to go through. These include TV spots; ad banners; buttons; sponsorships etc…

Very often, ads are delayed, postponed, or cancelled due to lack of agreement on message, like its font size, graphics, or design. There are many opinions within the organization, each trying to justify his or her position. However, no brand could be built effectively without a powerful creative and copywriting team.

Internet has been having a profound effect on ad creative. In the its early days, big agencies saw the new medium as a logical extension of all other broad-based media channels. Consumers moved to embrace the portals. Huge number of consumers congregated on them.. If the message created is a broad-based one and it is positioned on the home page,. the advertiser would then achieve the desired result. Consumers would click on the message and land on a relevant page, where they’d get the promoted product or service.

Similarly, the internet brought email marketing strategies together as marketers began assembling databases as a cost-efficient means of building a relationship with customers. For the email, the task is to: assemble a broadcast message and then shoot the email. Those interested in the message would open, click, and potentially take the desired action. Consumers did it for each mail that they received more out of their curiosity, in the early days of internet.

However then the Spam arrived which changed email forever. Not just the nasty, bogus, harmful type, but all spam. Though the Internet provided choices, it quickly became a medium of too many choices. That rendered the frustrated experienced, by causing too much confusion and lack of focus.. Spam became synonymous with a lack of relevance in marketing communications. For the first time in commercial communications, marketers got a true feed back to the emails they have been sending, in terms of its viewer ship.. This resulted in getting a better understanding of whether the relationship was actually growing or not. And most important, we were able to monitor the connection between creative messaging and the desired action.

Therefore, the internet being a common feature now for many years, we can say that the email creative process is fundamentally different from creating messages for other media. The traditional approach cannot be followed, when it comes to the email channel. The new order allows marketers to build an ongoing dialogue with customers and prospects built on personalization, targeting, and relevancy of content. Creative types should therefore be the messaging experts.

Hence, under the new massaging parlance, the marketer takes the insight gained by a new, more robust customer database management capability and build dynamic, relevant dialogues with customers on a one-on-one basis. We must build an ongoing communication stream that takes into account the customer’s interaction with all parts of a company. Messaging in the years ahead will be created dynamically through the setting of business rules and white-boarding dialogue trees that push marketers to develop messaging sequences based on consumers’ actions. Messaging is built on a series of flexible “wireframes” that are populated and sent to a consumer when most appropriate and relevant to the ongoing dialogue.