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Who else wants to learn how to write better email copy? If you are anything like me, and sick of all the mediocre minded, unimaginative and simply stale and sloppy sequences we ALL get in our in boxes everyday, you probably agree that many popular marketers could learn a thing or two about writing persuasive copy.

The simple truth is that the quality of your writing, the power of your persuasion, and the passion you put into your pull, will have MORE to do with your ability to make money longterm, than anything else.

A healthy relationship with your list should be your most treasured asset, and considering the VAST majority of your contact with them is going to come from setting your pen to pixels, you best make each impression a good one.

The Best Technique for Writing Copy that Converts?

It’s actually very simple. You MUST establish the cult of personality of 1. Be interesting….EVEN if you’re not. Adopt a persona, a personality, a creative and controversial character that is YOU when communicating with your list, your visitors or otherwise. I know, I know….some of you are saying that being yourself is the very BEST manifestation of your “true” self, right? Being true to who you are and all of that happy smiley stuff is going to be the best path to profit. I’m here to tell you that’s just dead wrong.

You can do ok, some even very well…..but “character building” ESPECIALLY in the online space is the very best way I know of to leap frog to the head of the pack in a hurry. The famed Dan Kennedy once said the the KEY to his years of success in the direct marketing space was directly related to his cultivation of a public personality, which may or may not be ANYTHING like his real self.

To this day, I see MANY smart marketers out there who are bright, ambitious and genuinely helpful….but who will NEVER reach the same dizzying heights. Why? They have not “branded” themselves with a compelling character or personality that DEMANDS I open their email messages, or blog posts in my RSS reader.

Why do you think Vince McMahon and professional wrestling have become so transcendentally popular over the past 15 years? How about “the Donald”? Trust me, it ain’t on brains alone..:-) Integrate this into your marketing mindset and I promise you’ll see dramatically better results across the board.

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I want to invite you to watch as I show you – in step by step and excruciatingly illuminating detail – how to build a REAL business from the ground UP, with nothing more than hard work, commitment and a genuine PASSION to help people succeed.